Top 10 Creative Ways To Make Money Online 2021 — Earn $100 Every Day!

Aemina Turner
4 min readJul 16, 2021

There is no one who does not want to earn money because it is a very necessary part of life. But the present times have challenged money, even as people have found themselves helpless due to one of the calamities known as COVID-19.

It has also forced many professionals to work from home online to make money online 2021. Also, making money in this way has helped a lot of people a lot instead of going to workplaces.

We have entered the digital age where things seem to be changing as the internet has taken over almost everything. People have come online to meet their needs because it saves them time and energy.

If you also want to earn money, roaming online is the best resort that can earn you enough money. You don’t need to be ready for your office or worry about being late to make money online.

Why saving money is important for the future?

There are 10 different money-making tips that can give you great results once you get on the internet. A large number of people living in Canada have found this option of making money online very interesting and convenient from all angles.

10 Methods to Money-Making through Online: Must Know!

Build Your Website: When you want to make money online. You have to have your own website to help people with whatever it is you want to sell. You can still make money after people visit your website and stay there.

Go with YouTube: You can make money through YouTube because it is one of the online platforms which have given a great opportunity to talented people. You can create your own videos and upload them to get likes sticking to them.

Start blogging: Blogging for beginners is also one of the best ways to make money. This has helped many freelancers who wanted to use their writing skills through blogging.

Offer Online Courses: You can use your knowledge to provide others with what you need to learn everything you know. If you can earn a lot this way, do it today.

Help yourself with the app: If you want to make money online, creating an app would be better for you. You can build it and add it to the Google Play Store. You can make it a source of money compared to paid apps (iPhone).

Become a translator: There are a lot of people who come from other countries, so if you are a multilingual linguist. You can be their guide online. It can give you very good results for making money online.

Sell ​​your waste: There should be a lot of stuff around that might not be of use. What you can do with them is sell. Yes, it can also be a great way to make money online without going anywhere.

Sell ​​your photos: If your profession is photography or if you have a passion for photography. When your art can become an income, you will not let that art go to waste. You can post your photos online as a Facebook group for the community.

Start writing an eBook: It may seem like you worked so hard at first. But little by little you profit from it, you can sell your book via the site which you created.

Go for virtual assistance: If you know how to make good plans, you can use it as soon as it helps you make money.

Virtual assistance means someone has to do data entry, email management, etc. It’s totally social media, but you can make a lot of money.


Making money online can be easy if you intend to go forward with a strong will. Because the mentioned tips have already supported a lot of people who wanted to make money online.

You can also use the following tips to start making money online. Of course, people have lost their dreams due to natural disasters. But Online has new hope of starting life anew in a slightly different way.

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